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Contribution Guidelines

These guidelines aim to keep a standard of the quality of contributions to this wiki to prevent any useless or misleading information. It is a requirement to adhere to these guidelines upon any contribution to the wiki. Only on extremely rare circumstances may any set standard or rule be circumvented. These may change over time.


Pages must have a valid reason or notability to be created. If a subject does not have any logical or historical significance, it is considered under our standard and will be removed. A good way to determine if a page is worth making is if the subject has had any notable impact to other page or event.

Here are some ways to indicate if a page should be created:

  • Is the subject relevant and important to any other page?
  • Is the subject a notable figure, place, or event in its community?
  • Has the subject pertained or done anything worthy of discussion?

Just because a topic exists, doesn't mean it gets a page.

Pages must be organized and formatted correctly to meet our standard. Headlines cannot be non-nonsensical or out of order, and must be divided into categories that make sense for navigating. Contents such as Early Life or topics about a user itself are not acceptable for this wiki.


Pages must consist of media embedded that will benefit the subject. Screenshots of conversations is on an edge, but in some circumstances, it could be used to display a given message or a function. Screenshots that show an important visual aspect of something (such as a world or a video) are allowed.

Media must be uploaded within the same namespace as the topic it's on. A screenshot of a world from Worlds.com should be in the worldscom: namespace.


It is required that any claims, quotes, or information told through a wiki page must have valid sources referenced to back it up. Screenshots of conversations will not count as a valid reference and will be removed along with any potential misinformation, and personal blogs will be checked and considered to make sure they aren't spreading fraudulent information. If a claim is so crazy that it shouldn't be true, make sure to fact check. If you can't find any information about something, then avoid contributing it.

An exception to fraudulence is in an example where such a source is required. If, for example, you are trying to inform of a controversy that began with a negative post or article, it is allowed only if it is made clear that facts in the source have been debunked and only used for history telling purposes..

Take a look at What Not to Reference to see if one of your sources are already known to be fraudulent or blacklisted.

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