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WorldsPlayer (known internally as “Gamma”) is the latest and most recent version of Worlds.com. It takes advantage of both Java and C++ for loading and interacting with resources. It was launched in 1998 and is still online to this day.


After the success of Worlds Chat Gold, Worlds, Inc was looking to improve its existing environment by including more 3D elements and avatars. This project would be codenamed Gamma, incorporating Java into its existing codebase. The original name for WorldsPlayer was “Worlds Chat Platinum”.


Shaper is the name of the built-in editor and world-builder available within WorldsPlayer. It retailed for $391), including additional perks and a years worth of the VIP subscription.

In 1999, it was discovered that Shaper could be obtained for free from within the WorldsPlayer client by adding an option inside one of its configuration files, making user built worlds a commonality and forcing developers to include methods for accessing these worlds. Prior to this, worlds built by those who purchased Shaper would be uploaded to the official servers as a downloadable world.

Worlds In Asia

Thom Kidrin and the eNewMedia team at the Worlds In Asia launch. Worlds In Asia was a partnership between Worlds Inc and eNewMedia to create and release the WorldsPlayer service in Asia. It was released on September 19th, 2000 at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hong Kong. It launched with four Asian-themed Worlds included: AsianCity, AsianHub, JapaneseGarden, and Mountain.


Current public releases of the WorldsPlayer client run using a combination of the RenderWare and Accomplish engine. In 2007, Worlds Inc was working on advancing the software by incorporating Granny 3D, an animation engine. Builds were made available and shared to business partners to motivate interest in the upgrade.

A screenshot from the Remergence flash video. During these developments, Worlds, Inc would update their site in anticipation for the release, opting to show a flash-driven promotional animation that read the text “It's a whole new Worlds” followed by “Remergence”. Worlds, Inc would additionally partner with Pearson plc during the development2).

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